Client Testimonials

“David’s work has always yielded terrific results. He engages in a process that is focused, respectful and challenging. New ideas start flowing, and David knows just the questions to ask and how to guide our work together. I highly recommend him to anyone who is willing to be a part of their own growth.”– Bruce Daniel, Senior Vice President. Cartifact Labs.

“If business is war, David Brownstein is a five star general. With a rare capacity to unearth the roots of problems both professional and personal, David helps you devise a battle plan for your life. At a time when I found myself feeling utterly defeated and powerless to change things, David showed me how to rebuild my confidence and how to reignite the passion for my career. What’s most remarkable is that he didn’t offer a hand to help me get back on my feet. He showed me that I had the strength to do it myself.” — Jeff Davis, Creator, Executive Producer, “Criminal Minds”, CBS/Touchstone Television. Creator/Executive Producer “Teen Wolf”

“In reviewing the year with David recently, I was amazed to discover that I have accomplished more of my goals than I had thought possible, and that the rewards are greater than what I had hoped for.” — Karen Goldberg, Attorney

“I’ve worked with David in three separate roles and he’s helped me each time. Maybe I should say ‘he’s helped me help myself;’ that’s part of his approach: gaining deep understanding, guiding you toward possible solutions, encouraging you to try them, all in a way where he helps you discover what may’ve been there all along. I’m not sure if that’s talent or skill, but whatever, he’s got it and it works. Not only do I recommend him to you, I recommended him to my wife!” — Lee Dollar. Managing Director / Head of Branded Entertainment at L.A. Content Farm

“Like having, in one person, an olympic trainer, a therapist, a dance partner, a guru and a member of the Spanish Inquisition. David is like a wrecking ball with heart. He’s tranquil when I’m upset, gasoline when I’m on fire, a constant celebrator of my talent and potential.” — Jennie Orvino, Writer, Producer, Performer

“David can help you figure out what it is you want and how to go about getting it. He’s a great, creative listener, one who helps you figure out what’s going on in you, in your rational mind, in your subconscious, in your heart, and in the very real world you live in. He’s a remarkable resource, a man of integrity you’ll want in your corner and whom you’ll be able to rely on for years to come.”– Bill Megalos,

“As a result of coaching, I am now more aware of who I am and what I have achieved. I’ve also been able to focus on where I’m heading, and start to take control of what I am doing, rather than being driven by ideas. — Bob Hughes

“David rocks: passionate, on-task, positive, flexible and lots of fun to work with. Months after my last session with him coaching me, I’m still appreciating insights that came up between us.”– Brooks Elms,

“David is amazing at so many things, but the best is being an encouraging person that helps other people fulfill their dreams … you can’t ask for anything better.” — Marvin Wadlow Jr.

“Working with David for just a few short months, my life has transformed in very real and significant ways. Once an initial skeptic of the coaching process, I have come to realize so many direct benefits of David’s coaching. The results have been incredible!”– Frank Nibley

“David is energized, passionate and painstakingly focused…on you, David really is Rocket fuel for your career. He elicits the supercharged, newest, hard-driving and best version of his clients. I hired him as a coach and had to buckle up, baby!”– H. Raven Rose

Our coaching sessions increased my confidence, effectiveness, and ability to close deals.His experience as a film producer, music maven, and screenwriter makes him the ideal person to coach people in the entertainment industry. Working with David is like having a manager, a therapist, and best friend all rolled up into one. He’s an invaluable compass, and I only wish he were small enough to fit in my pocket.” — Jim Pasternak, Director Writer, Producer, “One Hell Of A Guy” Director: Certifiably Jonathan. Teacher at LA. Film School,

“Really good. Uplifing, empowering and very specific. No woo-woo stuff.” — Matteson Barcklay

“David is great at zeroing in on the things that block forward movement, and he doesn’t forget that each person is not only working toward a goal but needs nourishment on other levels as well. Through his guidance and help, I have embarked upon the path that will take me exactly where I want to go. And while I might have made it there on my own eventually, working with David allowed me to see much more clearly.– Teresa Cutler

“David is my consigliere. I have been more productive in the last month than I’ve been in the entire last decade thanks in large part to him. It is with him that I negotiate the minefields of Hollywood, on creative, organizational and leadership levels. He is a visionary and a true leader. He is a fantastic listener. His experience level on various assets of the film business and his client base gives me great confidence to include him in my small circle of trusted advisors. I can only imagine if I had him ten years ago. He is a catalyst of the creative and professional quantum leaps I am experiencing right now.” — Vince Duque,Director, AD, Writer.