Generational Interchanges: Top 5 Drivers of High Potential Engagement

Hi folks. Here’s a great post from a colleague about what Millennials and High Potentials expect from their workplace. Let me know what you think. -db —The science of Human Resource Management was literally developed in the 1920s and 1930s during a time when the generational ethos was one of self-sufficiency, organization, and productivity. HR practices today remain tethered to these tenets, and it is striking to see how ill-suited most companies are for the Millennial generation’s values of creativity, community and equality.  Millennials will set the tone for employee engagement and the changing employer contract for the foreseeable future. The pure size and influence of this generational cohort will affect the perceptions and attitudes of Generation X and Baby Boomer employees as well. To determine the best high potential engagement strategies for companies, we must look to the Millennial generation for insight. Using Millennials as the norm, here are the […] Read More »

Why People Work With Coaches

At a recent Los Angeles Chapter meeting of the ICF-LA, I heard my friend and colleague Damian Goldvarg (and current president of ICF-Global) present about the 5 simple reasons people hire a coach. This information came directly from the ICF (International Coach Federation) 2014 global survey. As much as Damian and I are absolute geniuses about coaching, these simple words come straight from the report summary: Why people participate in a coaching relationship: -Optimize individual/team work performance -Expand professional career opportunities -Increase self-esteem/self-confidence -Improve business management strategies -Manage work/life balance  So, yeah. What they said. The simplest 20 word description of why people work with coaches I’ve seen.   Read More »