Leadership Definitions: The Journey Begins

(This is a work in progress. I’m still synthesizing and simplifying many of my notes and writing about leadership over the past few years. My apologies in advance for any potential redundancies.)
Hope you like it, here it goes:


Leadership is the art of facilitating collaborative creation toward a powerful goal.

Leaders guide and empower a team of willing participants towards a visualized, articulated, actualized and constantly evolving end.

Leaders bring forth a deeply accessed vision, nurture their teams by facilitating inspiration and collaboration and manage results through supportive accountability.

Leadership can be practiced and applied by anyone at any level of a team or organization.

Leadership growth involves an ongoing process of developing the skills and awareness’ for inspiring, nurturing and managing collaborative work in progress.


Leadership is a synergistic process of facilitating change that transforms its participants, the world, and the leader his or herself.

Leadership creates an alchemical change that dissolves structures, creates tools, and integrates resources into a new creation that is led by a vision for change.

Leadership is about taking responsibility for leading the creation process in a way that will benefit all concerned: whether it happens or not.


It’s our job as leaders to nurture, cajole and at times demand the best in ourselves, our co-collaborators, our community and our world.

Fully empowered leadership is a combination of presence, vision, vulnerability, accountability, ability to hold/manage paradox and contradiction, and to become an effective creator, facilitator and appreciator of change.


Leadership is a process of:

-Visualizing Change and New Creation

-Facilitating Creative Collaboration

-Supporting Growth of Self, Team, Community

-Supporting/Shaping/Nurturing the acceptance and integration of a new creation

-Learning to love what was created: in ourselves, our team, our world and our products